You don't charge anything for use of this site?
The basic bitBomb.com service -- scheduled text message reminders -- is free. Our aim to to keep this service supported by advertising that's contextually relevant to the reminders you set. We do reserve the right to charge for other services that we may offer in the future.

Why am I getting text messages from bitbomb.com?
The only messages you receive on your cell phone from us are reminders scheduled through our service -- we won't send you any other text messages. Reminders require your phone number and service provider to be scheduled. To limit the possibility of someone sending you unwanted reminders, we only let you sent a few messages to your phone before you need to register it, and once you register, you will need to enter your password to send a reminder.

Can I schedule a reminder from my phone, without visiting www.bitbomb.com?
Short answer - yes. If you can send text messages to an email address from your phone, add in@bitbomb.com to your contacts list. Then to schedule a reminder, send a message like this "5 pick up dry cleaning" (without the quotes). The 5 tells us to schedule the reminder 5 hours from now. Everything else is included in the reminder. Make sure to include a space after the number! This feature is experimental and may not work from all providers or cell phones.

Will bitBomb.com work with my service provider?
Short answer - maybe. A majority of cell phone providers let you accept messages sent to specially formatted email addresses. We use this feature to send your reminders. Not all service providers support this feature -- if yours doesn't, contact them to tell them you want it! We cannot get a cell phone from all the providers in all the countries where text message services are available, but we will make every effort to add and test new service providers. If your provider isn't listed, let us know and we'll try to get it added.

What if I didn't get my reminder, or if it arrived late?
We are very confident that our service is configured to reliably send the reminder messages. That said, there are some things beyond our control. User error sometimes plays a part (transposing digits in a phone number maybe). And sometimes carriers may not deliver the messages on time or even at all. If you have scheduled a reminder and it didn't arrive, please file a bug report and let us know so we can investigate.

How did you conceive the idea of scheduled text message reminders?
Barbeque sauce.