New Account is a Text Message Reminder Service. You can set reminders here for you and your friends, and then we will alert your mobile phone via an SMS message at the approiate time.
So, before we get too far into your new account creation, let's make sure your phone works with our service.
Enter your mobile phone information below. We will send a Secret code to your phone via SMS.
If you do not want to use a moblie phone with our service, you can create an account that sends you reminders via regular email.
Create account without a mobile phone (You can always add a mobile phone to your account later.)

Create Account

First, we are going to send a special code to your cell phone.
(Note: There is no charge for service, but your cell phone provider may charge you for receiving an SMS message.)

Step 1.

Is your phone with you right now?
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Then enter your 10 digit phone number (just the numbers, no dashes or spaces).

And then: